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Proprietary weather data and forecasting tools for understanding the present and preparing for a future of rapidly changing climate.



At Climavision, we're rebuilding climate technology from the ground up and combining terrestrial sensors with space-based observations. Our team of renowned meteorologists, leading scientists, and passionate weather enthusiasts are changing weather forecasting as we know it by uncovering the clearest, most accurate picture of weather intelligence.

Powered by a proprietary sensing network that produces the highest resolution data and cutting-edge prediction modeling, we see weather like never before. And you can too. 

Whether you’re working to minimize economic impacts of weather events, improve safety, protect your assets, reduce risk, or you just want to better understand our climate, we’ve got you covered.

What precisely are you missing?

A lot actually. Existing methods for collecting weather data, such as weather balloons, aircraft sensors, and radars, show a picture of weather conditions, but the picture is not complete. Like a puzzle missing pieces, today’s weather data has significant gaps geographically. Because there aren’t enough sensors, data is sparse in the upper-levels where volatile weather forms and in the lower-levels where these weather conditions tend to occur.

We’re solving the puzzle by filling in the gaps. At Climavision, you can have the most accurate, most complete weather picture so that you don’t miss a thing.

Mind the Gaps

Because weather infrastructure is expensive, traditional forecasting relies on masking gaps in weather coverage by estimating what might be there, rather than referencing what is actually there.

We’re the only provider to combine space-based GPS-RO data with a private network of high-resolution radars to gather the data others have been missing. Climavision doesn’t mask weather coverage gaps, it fills them.

Who We Serve

Completing the weather picture benefits all of us. Whether you’re trying to mitigate risk, planning for the future, or protecting people and property, we’ve got a solution.

How We're Different 

Our offerings combine the very latest in cloud computing and artificial intelligence with raw observational data to fundamentally change weather forecasting.

Our Offerings 

With RaaS, you get real-time weather data, direct from our proprietary sensing network without the financial or infrastructure burden of owning a weather radar.
Numerical Weather Prediction with GPS-RO
NWP with GPS-RO is the industry’s leading numerical weather prediction model. Our NWP product is superior to any others and gets you the data faster than ever before. 
Numerical Weather Prediction with GPS-RO + Radar
Our NWP with GPS-RO + RaaS product harnesses the real-time power of our sensing network to offer a rapidly updating global model.

Our Technology

Rapid, On-Demand Cloud Computing
Our high-speed, on-demand cloud computing offers customizable, proprietary forecast models in flexible output formats. You can plug Climavision into your existing solution in record time.
Continuous Monitoring & Data Collection
Between our radar network and space-based observations, we’re collecting and processing half a billion weather data points per day. With our cutting-edge API’s and delivery options, you’ll be ready to analyze this data in real-time.
AI & Machine Learning
Our artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms give you the advantage of faster, more accurate climate data that gives you actionable, intelligent insight right when you need it.


Our Leadership Team

Chris Goode
Co-Founder & CEO
Christy Hartman
Executive Vice President of Finance
Tad Maguire
Vice President, Sales & Business Development
Peter Childs
Chief NWP Scientist
Tara Leigh Goode
Vice President, Strategic Partnerships
Jon van Doore
Chief Technology Officer

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